Sind Weblogs Monster? | Are Weblogs Monsters? - Part 9

posted by usha on 2005/08/13 12:01

[ Sind Weblogs Monster? | Are Weblogs Monsters? ]

The workshop on the new emerging Weblog community that Kk.rev gathered has been quite fruitful.

The three keynotes by Anton Tantner, Karin Harrasser, and Thomas Burg have been very different in their focus. Thus, Emergence Room managed to cover the three most important aspekts of Weblog usage: self-management, the style of writing and the emerging sub-culture of Webloggers, as well as the manifold aspects of Weblogs as social software. One aspect all three presentations had in common that Weblogs are a means to promote oneself as an individual, as well as a part of a bigger network of persons and knowledge. On the other hand, Anton, Karin, and Thomas seemed to have quite different kinds of Weblogs in mind, and there was not a single Weblog discussed from all three of them. Instead, a broad spectre of different ways of Blogging and Blogs have been shown and discussed.

Still we have the impression that the Kk.rev Weblog forum tries to establish a further sort of Weblog aesthetics and community. This is no clear impression, I could not explain it, it is just that this forum does not completely fit into the concepts presented by the keynote speakers. However, Thomas Burg's recommendation to simply network and blog and to restrain the reflection on what an "academic Weblog" might be with all the power rules included on what has to be written and what does not gain space within such a Weblog is worth to be observed.

At the core of the workshop have nevertheless been the participants from the different Kk.rev-Weblogs. Sabine, Silvia, Mira, Assen, Dimiter, Rickard, and Maximilian are not only active bloggers, but without their presentations and discussions of the use of Weblogs, the structuring of information, the aesthetics of writing, the difficulties in connectivity, as well as in establishing and joining a network the workshop wouldn't have had such a strong dynamics as it had.

"The Internet is no library, it is a process set in motion by individuals," Thomas Burg claimed. The Webloggers reverified that once again.



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