Call for Papers-Call for Applications - Part 37

posted by hoefi on 2005/07/13 09:28

[ Call for Papers-Call for Applications ]

Call for Papers for the project "Jewish intellectual women in Europe: gendering history, politics and culture"...

Conference and book project of the CEU /Central European University, Department of Gender Studies in cooperation with the Department of Sociology and Social Research of the University of Milano-Bicocca, supported by the Hanadiv Foundation, London.

The focus of the project will be considered in a conference devoted to gender, politics and Jewish tradition in Europe, through the example of European women activists.

The aim of the project is to develop a useful comparative analysis of gender, political identity and religious heritage, based on the study of activities and works produced by Jewish intellectual women in the interwar and the post-Shoah period. In particular, Hannah Arendt shall be considered as representative of the German tradition, while Zefora Lombroso, Sara Nathan, Amelia Rosselli, Gina Lombroso and Laura Orvieto shall indicate a specific liberal Italian Jewish tradition. Eugenia Miskolczy, Cecile and Laura Polanyi, and Edith Bruck shall be taken as an example of a Hungarian tradition and Käthe Leichter of an Austrian heritage that has been neglected after WWII.

We are calling for papers to contribute to the conference and the planned volume on European Jewish intellectual women’s contribution to feminist theory in general and the redefinition of progressive politics in their European country in particular. Proposals addressing gender and memory of Jewish female intellectuals are encouraged. Yet it should go beyond the description of life stories and analyze the ways in which subjectivity and agency were constructed in their particular context.

The methodological approach is to use gender as a fundamental category organizing Jewish life and politics in the shaping of ethnic/ religious identities among Jews and in the differentiation with the „majority” of the population. This can be a valuable contribution as it creates the possibility to rethink the basic concepts within Jewish Studies, such as spirituality, community, and/or political activism in European countries.

By working across disciplines and exchanging experiences the participants of the project can better understand the complex linkage between gender, Judaism and political identity. The collaboration among scholars and researchers from different countries of Europe and the comparison of the results of their different analysis will provide a more comprehensive gendered picture of Jewish life as well as the construction of both nation states and Europe.

The working language of the conference is English. Please send a 800-words summary of the proposed paper by 16 October 2005 to Andrea Pető and Marina Calloni.

For further information on Pető Andrea click here, for Marina Calloni click here!



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