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posted by olivera on 2005/06/17 21:07

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An International Conference on "Legal and Political Solutions to Disputes over Sovereignty (From Kosovo to Quebec)" will take place 8-9 of July 2005 in Belgrade at The Faculty of Law (University of Belgrade).
This Conference will predominantly concentrate on sovereignty disputes regarding Serbia, Montenegro and Kosovo, but in doing so it will use the comparative approach, thus testing the relevance and applicability of certain legal and political mechanisms employed in similar cases worldwide. In that respect, the Quebec case is of the particular importance, for it exemplifies the attempt of a liberal-democratic state to subject the explosive issue of partition and secession under the rule of law principle and to channel it through constitutional and democratic processes. Furthermore, this case illustrates the significance of the active engagement of the scientific community and the civil society in the national public debate over all relevant aspects of the sovereignty controversy. When it comes to the Serbian society, organizers are of the opinion that the intended conference format would reflect that need for overcoming the dominant one-sided, real politik track of political reasoning. Consequently, the principal and impartial, and yet empirically based and problem-solving oriented papers, delivered by experts, would set that initial framework for the discussion of politicians, NGO representatives, scholars and students.

For more information visit the conference´s homepage.

Contact person: Miodrag Jovanović, Assistant Professor in Theory of Law and State.



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