Film Festivals - Part 6

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Palić (Vojvodina) International Film Festival - 17. - 23. July 2005
In its 12th edition, the competitive programme "Parallels and Encounters" is dedicated to the long – feature films from the countries of the former geopolitical East and Southeast Europe ...
... Their authors focus on social political and welfare problems, they raise a question about transition, interethnic relations and tolerance, a question of personal identity and the need for peace and coexistance.

The merits of the films selected for this year, from Slovenia, Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Czech, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Russia, Romania and Bulgaria, will be evaluated by the three-member International Critics Jury, formed by distinguished european film critics (members of The International Federation of Film Critics FIPRESCI).

The official selection programme is dedicated to those films which dare to pose questions, pass the opinions viewed through the prism of different social – historical aspects, and the aspects most importantly connected to human existance. They synthetize various spectra of experience. The man is its centre, the main character is deep in thought upon destiny of the mankind, his family and his own.

The novelty of the previous festival, the Young European Filmmmakers programme, brought in a new genre, i.e. short, experimental and animated short films. This programme attempts to freeze the obscure image of the European filmmaking and transfuse it into a photo of our future.

This year the Festival takes a new step ahead in a form of a co-operation with the neighbouring Szeged (Hungary). Szeged is going to host the New Serbian Film, Young European Authors programmes as well as a special programme with the most important films from the Palić Film Festival over the last five years.

The presentation includes:
  • new hungarian film

  • new austrian film

  • tribute program - ANDR?EJ VAJDA, Poland and
    EVA RAS, Serbia & Montenegro

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