The Europeanness of European Cinema

posted by SHorváth on 2010/05/24 21:19

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Thomas Elsaesser (University of Amsterdam) is the Keynote Speaker of this International Postgraduate Conference taking place on June 4th at King's College London. The Provisional Programme [PDF) is now Online. Registration [DOC] deadline: 28 May 2010. Contact:

Including the Plenary Sessions A.1: Postcommunist cinemas A.2: Versions and Translation A.3: European Co-production Across the Ages B.1: Theoretical / Research Frameworks B.2: Europe Across Borders B.3: The National as European
Keynote Speech Thomas Elsaesser: "Enlarging the Context" European Cinema in the 21st Century
Confirmed Plenary Speakers Ginette Vincendeau and Dina Iordanova: Language and Identity in European Cinema

Studies in European cinema have often been focused on specific countries, genres or auteurs. However, there has been, since the 1990s, a renewed interest in European film as an entity with a significance beyond the sum of its parts. Promoted by the policies in support of the audiovisual industry set in motion by the Council of Europe and the European Union, this new interest led to an amplified debate on Europe and the cinema that is produced and consumed there. Meanwhile, top of the theoretical agenda, the issue of identity has surfaced as the prime concern. As the framework shifts from national to transnational cinemas and concepts such as "hyphenated identity" and "double occupancy" gather strength, this conference seeks to explore the ongoing validity of Europe as a reference in film.