Béla Balázs Symposium

posted by SHorváth on 2009/04/23 18:07

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On Friday May 1st 2009, the Institute of Germanic and Romance Studies (University of London) will host an international symposium on the early film theory of Béla Balázs.

Scheduled as part of a series of events to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Screen, the symposium is co-organised by Annette Kuhn (School of Languages, Linguistics and Film, Queen Mary, Univ. of London), and Erica Carter of the Department of German Studies, Univ. of Warwick. The event will in particular focus on Balázs's two works Der sichtbare Mensch (1924) and Der Geist des Films (1930). The two works are scheduled to appear in 2009 in a first full English-language edition (ed. Erica Carter, trans. Rodney Livingstone, Berghahn 2009). The new translation (from the original German) will recuperate Balázs for Anglophone film studies by situating his work within the wider context of his early film theory.
For further symposium details, see http://igrs.sas.ac.uk/index.php?id=350

Speakers: Sabine Hake (University of Texas), Hanno Loewy (Jewish Museum Hohenems / Austria), Erica Carter (University of Warwick), Andrew Webber (University of Cambridge)