The Gate of Freedom

posted by SHorváth on 2008/12/28 20:59

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Gdańsk DocFilm Festival / GDFF / is the only one in the world, mainly thematic festival of documentary films about the working environment, man, human activity, ways to survive in different conditions and situations, creative passions.

All the creators of documentaries and tv reportages are invited to take part in the seventh edition of the Festival, which will take place on 22-25 April 2009 in the Tri-City. If you have in your documentary output films which fit the festival canon, you are invited to participate in the preselection and then in the contest for "The Gate of Freedom". 
The submission deadline will pass on 31.1.2009.

The aim of the Festival is to present films connected with people and their work's environment, human dignity and work, different kinds of exclusion such as discrimination, breaking the law or subjective treatment of people.

Work is a special good and privilege of a human being. It should be the basis for dignified family life and stable social situation. Yet, so often in today's world work, and its lack, become the cause of human tragedies and social conflicts. Discrimination, violation of law and treatment of human beings at work as objects more and more often threaten the development of societies and indirectly undermine trust in democracy and moral order.

It is in Gdańsk that working people started the fight for dignity and decent working conditions against the system that was destroying these values. This is how "Solidarność" came to being. It is important to continue the discussion on this subject here, with the participation of NSZZ "Solidarność", in an international group and on many levels - scientific, artistic, social and political. August 1980 needs not only to be remembered but also wisely continued. This is the origin of our Festival.

We want to accomplish it through, among others, presentation of works of world cinema and the debate about the role and significance of human being in the workplace - in the context of global economy, uniting Europe, on the background of company mergers, technological boom, but also bureaucracy and economy oligarchy.

If you want to enter a film visit where you will find the online Application Form.

Send a copy (dvd/beta/35mm) of the film to the following address:

VII Gdańsk DocFilm Festiwal
Dignity & Work / Godność i Praca
Ul. Wały Piastowskie 24 pok. 513
80-555 Gdańsk