Call for Papers - Call for Entries - Part 25

posted by SHorváth on 2006/07/13 22:03

[ Call for Papers - Call for Entries ]

"The Documentary Tradition" and its many permutations will be the topic of the Fall, 2006 Film & History conference. It will take place on 8-12 November, 2006 at the Dolce Conference Center, Dallas.

Deadline for proposals/papers is 15 August 2006.

Topics for the conference will include the following film and television genre:

  • Documentaries
  • Propaganda films
  • Docudramas
  • Historical films attempting to define history
  • Newsreels and broadcast media
  • "Real worlds" and reality programming
  • Actualities, cinema vèritè, avant-garde, and direct cinema

    Here are some possible areas for exploration and discussion:

  • Ethnography, sociology, ethnicity
  • Gender in nonfiction film
  • Educational and industrial films
  • Government sponsorship and political or social ideology
  • Nature studies, urban landscapes, and travel
  • Religion and spirituality
  • National documentary film theories and schools
  • Historical eras and coverage of historical events
  • Popular culture, concert films, music videos, sports, and leisure
  • Technique, technology, and cyberspace
  • Documentary auteurs

    Click here for a list of subject areas and area chairs.

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