Film Festivals - Part 10

posted by SHorváth on 2005/08/25 00:40

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From August 26th two exciting festivals are going to be held at the same time in different countries. Provokátor magazine stages its second two day Anti-Film Film Festival in Prague (Cz), and the 13th annual Love is folly International Film Festival is going to take place in the city of Varna (Bulgaria) until September 4th.
The Anti Film Fest is a short film festival of movies which use different media besides FILM.
    It is a vehicle to get unknown and semi-known artists' work viewed by an interested audience in a receptive setting. And encourage those with aspirations of filmmaking to follow their instincts.
    It is also a platform to prove one does not need fancy equipment or a large budget to make a good movie or convey an idea using the visual art of filmmaking.
Designed to showcase cinematic creativity, free of the expense of shooting on film, Anti-Anti-Fest focuses mainly on movies shot on videotape or on digital video. However there is an inclusion of an Anti-Digital Analog category showcasing traditional shorts. Another new category, Anti-Digital/Moving Image, puts the spotlight on traditional still photography.

At the Love is folly International Film Festival more than fifty romantic and love-themed films from 15 countries will participate this year, among them the Russian JEUNET–style hit, NOCHNOY DOZOR/NIGHT WATCH, directed by Timur Bekmambetov. Two Bulgarian features will compete with 7 other films for The Golden Aphrodite award.
As usual, "Love is folly" emphasizes domestic cinema production for the past year - three Bulgarian movies will be premiered, among them LEYDI ZI/LADY Z, the new film from the acclaimed, veteran director Georgi Djulgerov.

The festival will be marked by the 90th anniversary of the first Bulgarian movie BALGARAN E GALLANT/BALGARAN IS GALLANT (1915, D: Vassil Gendov), which was lost during a WW II air-raid. LYUBOVTA E LUDOST/LOVE IS FOLLY, another Gendov film, gave its name to the festival thirteen years ago.

Source: Jordan Todorov (Cinema Minima)

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