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posted by sab on 2007/09/26 13:53

[ SEE London and the Balkans ]

I know it has been a while, and this is now an attempt to resuscitate this weblog. In the meantime, I have moved East, albeit not far - just to the East End - and that is at the same time the explanation for the last long pause on ImagineSEE. Or rather, British Telekom and the weather are.
Anyway, no internet for two months plus two children plus school holidays equals no blogging - and not much information about the world as a whole and the Balkans in particular I'll try to cover the bits and pieces that newspapers and the last days with my new shiny BT Home Hub have supplied in the next few postings...

First, here's a last chance to see...

Tena Stivicic's play Fragile! at the Arcola Theatre until Saturday, the 29th of September:

Everyone should be issued a visa. Not just these poor things who ran to save their lives, but everyone who’s come here with big dreams. Say three years. Whoever’s not made it in that slot should bugger the hell out of here! I swear this city will eventually sink with all these worn-out dreams holding on by their teeth.

London 2007: a Serbian stand-up comedian, an aspiring actress from Croatia, a Bulgarian mafioso, a Norwegian journalist, a Kosovan human trafficking victim... Big city, big dreams, big fall.

In the bicentenary of Britain’s abolition of the slave trade, amidst tabloid paranoia about migrant workers and revelations of Balkan mafia moguls exploiting the sex market in the UK comes this sparkling multiple award-winning play by Tena Stivicic. Played to huge acclaim across former Yugoslavia, the Cherub is proud to announce the British premiere of Fragile!

Read what the critics said in TimeOut and the Guardian.


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