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 SEE books - Part 8 

posted by sab 17 years ago

From Balkan Academic News comes this new book: Media and Minorities in South East Europe, published by the South East Europe Media Organisation / Oliver Vujovic & Thomas A. Bauer (ed.).

 SEE books - Part 7 

posted by sab 17 years ago

This year, Robert Elsie has edited a new collection of Albanian prose in English translation: Balkan Beauty, Balkan Blood: Modern Albanian Short Stories .
It is avalaible here.
Read more about this publication in the following introduction:

 SEE books - Part 6 

posted by sabine Ballata 18 years ago

Since I am in London at the moment, here’s one book review from Balkan Academic News about Britains’s role in the Balkan conflicts:

The book’s title is: Britain and the Balkans: 1991 until Present, Carole Hodge, Routledge Advances in European Politics Series, Abingdon: Routledge, 2006. 260 pp., GBP 65.00, ISBN 041529889X (Hardcover). and you can buy it here.

 SEE books - Part 5 

posted by sab 18 years ago

And this time, online-books: an excellent internet resource, Books about Macedonia, including full-text books by early 20th century Western travellers in the Balkans. Another one is Travels in Southeastern Europe , featuring classical works like Edith Durham's The Burden of the Balkans and Turks, Greeks and Slavons by Mackenzie and Irby.

The misleading „headline“ on the first link, „Macedonia – the Truth is here“, apparently has nothing to do with the online-books....

 SEE books - Part 4 

posted by sab 18 years ago

KulturKontakt Austria lädt zur Buchpräsentation "EditionZwei - Literatur aus Mittel- und Osteuropa". Am 23. November 2005 wird der zehnte Band der "EditionZwei - Literatur aus Mittel- und Osteuropa" in der Hauptbücherei Wien vorgestellt: "Das versprochene Land. Gedichte" des muslimischen Autors Asmir Kujovic aus Bosnien-Herzigowina.

 SEE books - Part 3 

posted by sab 18 years ago

And since the discussion of Kosovo/a and its final (?) status is certainly going to revive soon, not only on the "official" level, here another info about a new book on education in Kosovo - Routledge published „Kosovo: the politics of identity and space“. The author is Denisa Kostovicova.

 SEE books - Part 2 

posted by sabine Ballata 18 years ago

Balkan Academic News Book Review 9/2005 published Antonia Young’s review of Clarissa De Waal’s „Albania Today: a Portrait of Post-Communist Turbulence.“(I.B.Tauris/The Centre for Albanian Studies, London, 2005):

 SEE books 

posted by sabine Ballata 19 years ago

Two new books that sound interesting, from Balkan Academic News (Book Notes 1/2005):

Heinz Loquai, Der Kosovo-Krieg--Wege in einen vermeidbaren Krieg. Die Zeit von Ende November 1997 bis März 1999 [The Kosovo War--The Roads to a Avoidable War]. Baden-Baden: Nomos, 2000, 183 pp. 22.5 EUR, ISBN 3-789-06681-8 (softcover).


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