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posted by sab on 2007/05/30 18:45

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The new issue of an online magazine has just been introduced by the Erste Bank Group. It is called "Report", and is a magazine of Kontakt, the Arts and Civil Society Program of Erste Bank Group, aiming to provide information about art, human sciences and social affairs in Central and Eastern Europe....
Their first issue (download here) focuses on Women in East and West (btw, I love the cover by Sanja Ivekovic....
The articles featured in 'Report' might be useful as an inspiration for anybody considering to participate at the CfP posted yesterday (though there is nothing specific about Albania in the magazine)...

This is the magazine's self-description:

On the website
you can additionally find
information about the "Kontakt" projects and programme, a freely
accessible archive and an events calendar for Central and Eastern

The newest "Report" of "Kontakt" has a focus on "Women in the East
and in the West"
, While reading you also might find it astonishing
how the relationship between women and men can serve as a seismograph on
the condition of a society, its identity. On account of this, and
against a background of increasing globalisation and in context of a
need for a new national and social self-discovery, above all in Eastern
Europe, current themes such as equal rights between men and women, the
rearing of children and the family are being so emotionally and
intensively debated.

If you would prefer to read "Report" in printed form rather than
on your monitor then we would naturally be happy to send you a copy free
of charge. It is designed by Croatian artist Sanja Ivekovic with her
collage work "The Black File" (1979). Incidentally, this artist will be
represented at this year's "documenta 12". Please mail your name and
postal address to:

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This is a part of the collage 'The Black File' by Croatian artist Sanja Ivekovic, who will be represented at documenta 12 (16/6-23/9) in Kassel this year.

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