Veranstaltungen-Conferences - Part 3

posted by sab on 2005/11/21 00:15

[ Veranstaltungen-Conferences ]

Friends of Europe are organizing the European Policy Summit: "Bringing the Balkans into Mainstream Europe" on Thursday, 8th of December 2005 in Palais d'Egmont, Brussels. The debates will be organised around three main questions:

"Are the Balkans becoming part of the European Economy?"

"Which Balkans countries are headed for EU membership?"

"What are the dos and don'ts of Balkan reconstruction and

The full programme, lists of speakers, registration forms and interesting documents can be found on the Friends of Europe-site.

For more information: Tel: +32 2 737 91 45 * Fax: +32 2 738 75 97



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This is a part of the collage 'The Black File' by Croatian artist Sanja Ivekovic, who will be represented at documenta 12 (16/6-23/9) in Kassel this year.

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