New landmarks in Prishtina and Istanbul

posted by istanbul on 2008/06/15 13:08

[ From the Media ]

In Prishtina, which, after the declaration of Kosovo's independece meets increased interest by Croatian investors, the Balkans' highest skyscraper is to be built. The tender has been won by the Croatian company "Konstruktor" (...sounds like a character from Masters of the Universe), who will erect a 165m high structure. To be the biggest business project in Europe's newest capital city, the complex will encompass a business centre, a residential area, and a mall (more here). A different kind of landmark will rise in Istanbul: On the spot where the prominent journalist Hrant Dink was assassinated last year a statue (of a dove) will be crafted by the sculptor Mehmet Aksoy. The background to the dove motif is a sentence written by Dink a week before his death: "Doves are not killed in this country." (Slightly) more here.



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