Das Leben in Berlin ist wunderbar (5)

 Das Leben in Berlin ist wunderbar - Part 5 

posted by ka:kanev 17 years ago
Das Leben in Berlin ist immer noch wunderbar*

Second Chapter

It looks like Berlin has a strange attraction and influence over the Sofia bloggers – it draws them toward itself, one by one – maybe with the promises of the “new cultural capital” of Europe, maybe with its hidden faces, backstreets and inner courtyards behind the illustrious facades of the after-the-Vereinigung “Neubauten” [not yet “eingestuerzt” ;)] and the postcard-symbolic monument of different pasts, or maybe with its schizophrenic heritage, the lingering imprints of the “arch-divided city”, the traumas of separations and reunions, or, after all, maybe with its vast and constantly shifting skies.

 Das Leben in Berlin ist wunderbar - Part 4 

posted by Dimiter 18 years ago
I want to write about this since the first day I saw it. It is not stunning that I’ve found it is user-friendly, perfectly systemized and accessible – hey, we are in Germany – but the design impressed some things that I’ve always alarmingly guessed and finally I saw them shaped in the pure and exact Deutsch manner. No compromise!
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 Das Leben in Berlin ist wunderbar - Part 3 

posted by Dimiter 18 years ago
The obvious thing about moving to another town is that you have nothing to do in the evenings. I hate myself watching sticky live shows, series, night blah-blah and of course this is what kills my Sundays at home…Germans are not so happy, they have them too but the one thing I like about my Deutsch ignorance is that I can’t watch them now :)). I am playing Iggy in my headphones and am in the wordy mood.

 Das Leben in Berlin ist wunderbar - Part 2 

posted by Dimiter 18 years ago
Now it is that I have spent already couple of days in Berlin and definitely know that Eastern Berlin is more connected than the Western part.

 Das Leben in Berlin ist wunderbar 

posted by Dimiter 18 years ago
Hallo, everybody! The reason for this new topic is that for the next few months I will be no more Sofia ... Instead I will try to become more Berlin whether I like or not.:))
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