Das Leben in Berlin ist wunderbar - Part 3

posted by Dimiter on 2006/04/03 00:53

[ Das Leben in Berlin ist wunderbar ]

The obvious thing about moving to another town is that you have nothing to do in the evenings. I hate myself watching sticky live shows, series, night blah-blah and of course this is what kills my Sundays at home…Germans are not so happy, they have them too but the one thing I like about my Deutsch ignorance is that I can’t watch them now :)). I am playing Iggy in my headphones and am in the wordy mood.
Do not take me wrong! Berlin is attractive enough but I really like to take the slow sips of it. I have mentioned you about the apartment I am staying but did not tell you about the series of shots (several rakias, dozen of beers and two packs of cigarettes, then a bar that reminded me of the Last Nice Place in Bourgas…) these I’ve had with Anne-Grit for welcome. Happily, she went out to meet her boy friend tonight and now I am becoming the Audioslave.

I think now is the time to reveal the scene behind the title of the topic. Not that it is a big secret but it flavours MY Berlin expectations with special melody and sense. As some of you may know it is from the first line of the New Generation song called Berlin. I will not play that one because it is too dark and decadent and I think I have finished with that ;)… But Berlin does really have this artificial, plastic 80ies scent. I think hard core sight-seeners would be little disappointed. Berlin is tuned as an electro pop chord… So much glass, concrete, mess, renovation, shine like leather, Ladytron and no Centre…

Berlin is a tricky and hidden place :))



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