Call for Papers - Part 8

posted by Dimiter on 2006/11/08 15:47

[ Call for Papers ]


The Bulgarian Journal of Science and Education Policy (BJSEP) is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal of the Council of Rectors (Bulgaria) with an international audience.
The journal presents scholarly, rigorously argued analyses of higher educational and scientific institutions. The general problems of the other levels of education are not excluded as well. BJSEP deals with these institutions and their traditions historically and in their interaction with political, economic, moral and administrative problems. The reform of the educational systems and the efficiency of the research activities are both on the focus. BJSEP presents information, interpretations, and criticism in regard to current development in the field, in order to improve articulation on research and higher education policy and practice. In addition BJSEP seeks descriptions and evaluations of current innovations and provocative new ideas with relevance to the journal's scope. We want to emphasize on the effect of these innovations and ideas on teaching, students and researchers.

Among the journal topics are: Educational Policy and Management; University Policy and Management; Research Policy and Research Efficiency; History and Philosophy of Education; History and Philosophy of Science; People in Science and Education; Science and Society; Book Reviews.

Contributors from both faculty and administrators from all over the world are encouraged to send manuscripts that should be written in a readable and scholarly manner. Manuscripts (in English or in Bulgarian) should not exceed 15 standard pages in length including illustrations, tables, figures and references. Articles must be accompanied by a summary of size not exceeding 15 lines. Style should conform to that of the Publication Manual of the Psychological Association, widely used for such type of publications.

Manuscripts should be sent to the Editor of BJSEP:

Professor B.V. Toshev,
University of Sofia,
1 James Bourchier Blvd., 1164 Sofia,

The electronic submission of the manuscripts (in word format) is preferable. The deadline for the Issue 1 of BJSEP is 18 December 2006.



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