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10-30 November, Red-House Sofia.
For 17 years we’ve been celebrating the 10th of November as the end of the socialist
era and the beginning of the democratic transition in Bulgaria. The date
provokes reflections on what we’ve accomplished, where we’re going as a country
and as a civil society; it raises debates about the direction and the outcome of
the transition…
Today, when a generation that hasn’t lived socialism becomes of full age, The
Red House marks the 10th of November with exhibitions, lectures, documentaries
and book presentations that tell the story of socialism in a non-ideological,
intimate and even funny way.
November 10 -30, every day except Sunday and Monday between
3.00–7.00 p.m.
Gulliver hall

Inventory Stock of Socialism
Exhibition curated by Jana Genova and Georgi Gospodinov
Let’s enter the exemplary socialist home. Let’s sit for a while in the living
room, turn on the black-and-white “Opera” TV. Let’s walk through the kitchen,
peep into the “Mraz” fridge, wash some dishes with “Vero”, steal a chocolate
candy from the “Chernomorets” candy box, get the “Balkan” bike out of the closet
and ride away…
Exhibition of everyday assets from the near past. On stock until November 30.
With the support of “Visual seminar”, a project of the Institute of Contemporary
Art – Sofia, The Centre for Advanced Study – Sofia and Sofia City Art Gallery.
Free entrance -

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November 10 -30, every day
in The Red House

BT_Graffiti I Mausoleum 5
interactive Bluetooth installation by Petko Durmana
What happens to history and our memories when the buildings and symbols
connecting past and present disappear? Through the Bluetooth technology this
interactive art project virtually recreates the already non-existing Mausoleum
of Georgi Dimitrov – one of the most remarkable symbols in the city environment
of Sofia during Communist time.
Free entrance I

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November 10 -30, every day except Sunday and Monday between
3.00–7.00 p.m.
Nameless hall

Cleaning Toxins from the Body
installation by Petko Durmana
A bottle of aged wine from the shelves of the local supermarket in Gerena
unlocks the memory of the author of the time when wine was scanty yet it cleaned
the toxins from the body…
Free entrance -

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November 10 (Friday), 6.00 p.m.
Red hall

A Cold Coke in the Days of the Cold War, documentary, BNT, 56’,
2005, premiere, followed by a discussion
Documentary film on the unknown facts how Coca-Cola broke trough the Iron
This is a story of how Coca-Cola has entered Bulgaria during the time of
communist regime in the mid sixties. This is a story of a battle - the battle
between the propaganda type of economy and the free market economy, a battle
between the ideological communist society and the entrepreneur spirit.
By Damjan Petrov, Irina Nedeva, Evgenia Atanassova, Camera: Venzizar Milenkov

After the film – presentation of “Scent of Socialism” and a
discussion with the participants in the documentary, the initiator of the
process Toncho Mihajlov, witnesses, people who participated in the events and
the authors. With the participation of: Mila Mineva, Irina Nedeva, Evgenia
Atanasova, Petko Dourmana and Georgi Gospodinov
Moderator: Dessislava Gavrilova
The film is in Bulgarian, with English subtitles.
Tickets: 3/2 BGN

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