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posted by mh on 2006/12/29 13:48

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Promising News: a South East European Heritage Network has recently been formed by 12 non-governmental organizations working on cultural heritage, representing Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, and Sweden. Two meetings, initiated by Cultural Heritage without Borders of Sweden, have already been held in 2006. As this information seems to not have been published on the web before, this network’s first public announcement is reproduced below (click “more”). ---
South East European Heritage Network

Twelve non-governmental organizations working on cultural heritage are gathered into the South East European Heritage Network endeavouring to preserve and develop the multicultural heritage of this region.

The Mjaft! Movement and the Albanian National Trust, from Albania; the Mozaik – Community Development Foundation and the Kupreska Visoravan organization, from Bosnia & Herzegovina; the EC MA Ndtyshe, from Kosovo; the Foundation Open Society Institute – Macedonia and the Macedonian Research Association, from Macedonia; the Expeditio – Center for Sustainable Spatial Development and the Notar – Centre for Preservation and Presentation of Kotor Documentary Heritage, from Montenegro; the Association for Rehabilitation of the Cultural Heritage ARCH – LUK and the Civic Association Suburbium, from Serbia; and the Foundation Cultural Heritage without Borders, from Sweden – decided to work in partnership in order to promote their shared values and ideas. After the first meeting in September 2006 in Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina, initiated by the Foundation Cultural Heritage without Borders, they met again in December 2006 in Gjirokastra, Albania, to discuss their future plans and activities.

The SEE Network members recognize the cultural heritage as an expression of personal and community identity & difference and as a resource of sustainable development of the region. Cultural heritage is also seen as a mean of building social capital & cohesion and people’s good-will & co-operation.

They commit their assorted resources, expertise, knowledge and talents to keep and protect the unique treasury of the diverse, multicultural heritage – as the South East Europe’s gift to the humanity.

Please, contact the SEE Heritage spoke persons::
Bojana Karavidic
Marijana Ivanova,

Or the temporary Secretariat:
Lejla Hadzic,

Local country contact -Montengro:
Aleksandra Kapetanovic, expeditio@cg.yu

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