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posted by mh on 2006/11/26 15:38

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Most papers given at the 2006 Conference of the European Association for Urban History are now available for download online. Direct links to a selection of those relevant for our corner of the world can be accessed by clicking on "more" below. ---
Iakovos D. Michailidis: From Christians into Ethnic Members: Creating Borders within the city of Thessaloniki

Hülya Canbakal: Something between the household and the state: Collective agency in the Ottoman empire (17th—18th centuries)

Emily Gunzburger Makas: Competing visions of post-war


Jasenka Gudelj: Sarajevo a

cosmopolitan city

Saygin Salgirli: Urban

encounters in a book of curses: Social types, conflict, and transformation in late seventeenth-

century Istanbul

Ebru Yilmaz: The story of

an urban struggle: From a 19th century city harbour to an urban park in 1990s in Izmir, Turkey

Onur Inal: The reflection of

the Levantine culture on the architectural identity of Izmir

Maria Kyriakidou: "Garden cities", humanism

and utopian socialist ideals: a case in point in early twentieth century Greece

Maya Grekova: The city as

space of difference: Roma in socialist Sofia

Ayse Tekel: The Atatürk

model farm: challenges and opportunities of incorporating the place of nature heritage into urban

development of metropolitan Ankara

Sema Soygenis and Murat Soygenis:
Urban Disintigration in Turkey: Toll for Modernity on Housing

Katja Jerman: The Slovene

town of Nova Gorica: Ethnological perspective of a post-war new town

Guido Zucconi: Cities and

boundaries. The case of Rijeka-Fiume

Branko Cavric: The actors

of townscape change in transitional European city: A case of Croatia capital Zagreb



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