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posted by maximilian hartmuth on 2005/10/01 03:04

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Those who happen to be in Skopje from October 13-16, 2005, may want to consider attending the conference Living Heritage - Learning from Innovative Practices in Culture and Community Development in South East Europe, dealing with the community development projects implemented in Bulgaria, Macedonia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Romania within the Belgian-funded (and very interesting) Living Heritage program. ---
On behalf of the Living Heritage Network, the Foundation Open Society Institute - Macedonia will be hosting the international conference Living Heritage - Learning from Innovative Practices in Culture and Community Development in South East Europe.

Skopje, October 13-16, 2005

The conference is an opportunity to highlight the impact of the Living Heritage programme and aims to provide a solid platform for exchange of experience and know-how nationally and regionally by professionals, policymakers, academics and funders involved in community development and culture. Several panel discussions as well as presentations will be held within the conference programme, tackling issues such as: human factor in community development; economic development through culture; power of culture and/or heritage; and the prospect of culture and heritage in South East Europe over the coming years.

Not only the partner organisations from the four countries (Macedonian, Bulgaria, Romania, and Bosnia Herzegovina), but also organisations involved in a similar work in neighbouring countries, such as Serbia & Montenegro, Croatia and Turkey will attend the conference. Among other, we also invite representatives of the European Commission, Council of Europe, European Cultural Foundation, ProHelvetia, OSI, EFAN, Patrimoine sans Frontieres, etc.

Supported by the Culture 2000 Programme of the European Commission.

Interested to attend? Register now!

Email us ( and we will send you the details.



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