From the Media - Part 12

posted by maximilian hartmuth on 2005/07/20 14:47

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The Artist's Corner section of the Policies for Culture website features a perspective on the debate of the opening of Romania's National Museum of Contemporary Art in Bucharest and its consequences. ---
Source: Policies for Culture Newsletter

New in artist's corner: A perspective on the debate raised around the Museum of Contemporary Art in Bucharest - Lia & Dan Perjovschi

"First it was a rumor, then it was too late. When the Ceausescu Palace was built (1984-today) it mutilated not only the city of Bucharest, but an entire country. When Parliament moved into the Ceausescu Palace, it mutilated the idea of a Democratic society. A symbol of the past has become a symbol of the future. It is clear that the transition period will last longer and will be much more difficult than expected. When the National Museum of Contemporary Art was established in 2004, the Parliament Palace mutilated not only the local visual art scene, but the Romanian culture as a whole. This project aims to explore some of the consequences. The Center for Art Analysis acts as a detective researching the case, collecting proof and calling for witnesses." The new issue of the Center for Art Analysis magazine (edited by visual artist Lia Perjovschi) - DETECTIVE DRAFT 2005 investigates the context in which the Museum of Contemporary Art in Bucharest was established and extracts files of the debates still ongoing on the location of this museum in the faimous House of the People building, also hosting the Romanian Lower House of the Parliament. Read it in the PfC Artist's Corner.



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