Sofia Absurdities (7)

 Demolishing stereotypes: mission impossible in Bulgaria 

posted by Mira 9 years ago

Several big scandles took place in January in Bulgaria, but the one I liked most was inspired by "Entropa: Stereotypes are Barriers to be Demolished".

 Typically Sofia 

posted by Mira 9 years ago
Since several years everybody is talking about "the gap between people and politicians". Sofia by winter is the perfect example to see and touch this gap even physically.

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 Broken Windows Theory 

posted by Mira 9 years ago

A couple of days ago I've read a very interesting article in Capital newspaper about the so called "broken windows theory". 

 Because we are socialists 

posted by Mira 9 years ago

Yesterday while I was passing in the very downtown of Sofia I was shocked to see a huge queue in front of NISIM bookstore that was almost blocking Vasil Levski Boulevard.

 Sofia Absurdities - Part 12 

posted by Mira 11 years ago
Hey, yankee, go home!

The easiest way to make a whole capital to hate the American President is to invite him to pay a visit.

 Sofia Absurdities - Part 11 

posted by Mira 12 years ago
Illusion and pride - mirror images [exhibition-performance] is the name of an exhibition dedicated to soz-art that is supposed to continue in Hadjistoyanov Gallery at the National Palace of Culture in Sofia until this Monday - 25 September 2006.

 Sofia Absurdities - Part 10 

posted by Mira 12 years ago
Since a whole week a really absurd so called “anti-piracy campaign" is taking place in Bulgaria.


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