Sofia Absurdities - Part 10

posted by Mira on 2006/05/13 01:39

[ Sofia Absurdities ]

Since a whole week a really absurd so called “anti-piracy campaign" is taking place in Bulgaria.
The chief directorate for fighting organized crime announced that they are about to hit the pirate industry in the country through raids against Internet users, who illegally download and/or distribute audio and video files.

But instead of arresting persons who sell everyday illegal CDs with music, films, games and software at Slaveikov book square and other well-known places for instance, the police entered the private homes of several teenagers and quite young persons, arrested them, confiscated their home computers and CDs and declared that these people are among top 10 that exchanged illegal data traffic through internet. None of the Bulgarian politicians commented the stupid action. But all main media said the operation is necessary to clear Bulgarian websites from illegal content. The Interior Minister Roumen Petkov announced in the prime news that representatives of his ministry will check and monitor all computers in offices, homes and distribution networks for illegal music and film files.

As a counteraction a ranking of showed several ministries and state agencies were responsible for almost half of the pirate software traffic. It appears that ministry employees and civil servants are using their office computers to download, keep and exchange a huge amount of illegal music and film files. (A lot of porno too) All illegal files found on office computers had been destroyed; representatives of different ministries and state agencies said but forgot to mention what will happen to their owners.

Despite the campaign the distribution of illegal files in the biggest data portals continues. Discussion forums of different sites focus on the anti-piracy operation and most people post critical comments. Users also share tips on hiding illegal content and the rights of citizens during a police inspection. Downloads of illegal files continue. Nearly 100 000 people use the services of major data-sharing portals in Bulgaria.

A lot of jokes cartoons and even short movies immediately spread around :) “80% of the computer owners in Bulgaria use their machines to download and share illegal music, films, games and software. The other 20% don’t have an internet access.”

p.s.: on the first picture it is written-“he has drained several banks” and on the second one-“he has downloaded several mp3s” /but in Bulgarian the used verb is one and the same :)/

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