Broken Windows Theory

posted by Mira on 2008/12/14 13:41

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A couple of days ago I've read a very interesting article in Capital newspaper about the so called "broken windows theory". 

One of the main thesis is that when people observe that others violated a certain social norm or legitimate rule, they are more likely to violate other norms or rules, which causes disorder to spread. 

Experiments were made in cities like New York and Groningen, The Netherlands. But I am thinking that it will be just enough to come to Sofia and walk down the streets for less than an hour and you will observe thousand ways how this theory is put into practice. 

Here it is some pictures as a brief demonstration.

a lot of garbage after closing the open book market

This is the open book market in Sofia on Slaveikov square in the evening. Although that people working there are selling books they obviously don't read them :) or maybe they are so deep into the books that they can't see what they are leaving behind them.  

sitting among piles of garbage  

even in parks and gardens garbage is everywhere

why using the containers as you can throw it near them 

parking on the playground is not legal but who cares 

to find a place where to park your car is really difficult in Sofia but there is always a way to do it.

using the side-walks as a parking is really common in Sofia

 tram ways as a perfect parking place

 the only 500 meters velo alley in Sofia is covered by cars

 traffic in Sofia is awful especially when nobody keeps the rules


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