Call for Proposals: Nomadic Village 2009

posted by Mira on 2009/05/07 15:31

[ Call for Applications ]

20th-30th of August 2009
Pavlikeni, Bulgaria
Organiser: On The Road Productions

In the last decade, many traditional obstacles to exploring the world as an individual, like borders and monopolies of institutions and information, vanished. To probe this freedom,
many mobile projects like traveling mini-states, on-the-road-cinemas, busses converted to ateliers and galleries and transnational music projects started to appear. In this context, On The Road Productions (ORP) exercises an artistic activism, that finds and creates spaces, in which artists can work outside of the walls of existing institutions. ORP fosters projects that aim at finding and expressing independent and original views. Centerpiece is a Steyr-Ikarus bus that has been converted into an atelier-, office- and gallery-space.

The Nomadic Village is going to be an enlarged space of that character, an artist residence with a slight festival character, in which various mobile projects are going to create a microcosm together. The participants will bring their own housings, like busses, vans or caravans, that will become the structure of the temporary village.

Location of the Nomadic Village
The location is an empty lot on the fringe of Pavlikeni. Not far from the center, but remote enough, it provides a good setting for the village to come into existence. We will create the space that will surround us, and follow artistic discourse and work between land-art, video, music and more. The common denominator is an interest in modern nomadism.

The first week (20th – 27th of August) we will focus on the community. The village will become a temporary, partly improvised setting: Our autonomous space, in which original
projects can be realized in an adequate, self-created surrounding.

On the last 2 days (28th – 29th of August) the village will present itself to the world. In the Nomadic Village we will put up installations, performances, concerts and exhibitions. Besides that, there is also the option of showing certain works in Pavlikeni. People from Pavlikeni as well as international guests will be invited to get a taste of our temporary microcosm.

To help the realization of projects, ORP can provide the following:

-Contact with the town of Pavlikeni (for public presentations etc.)
-rental of 2 mongolian yurtas as living or working space
-contacts for rental of camping vans in Austria and maybe Bulgaria
-support with the development and concepts of projects
-technic for video projection, sound installation and concerts, an analogue colour darkroom
-work-places (tents, air-conditioned bus)

The paricipants should bring their own housing and be able to finance their projects independently. ORP has to receive a short project description (title, concept, participants) prior to the Nomadic Village. Guests who visit the public presentations are excepted from this, and are also invited to stay in hotel Bora, not far from the village.

Due to the nature of the Nomadic Village (it is still growing), not all possibilities are listed here. If you have project-specific questions, please contact On The Road Productions contact:

Klaus Maehring/On The Road Productions
tel.: +43/699/10316027



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