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posted by Mira on 2007/05/31 18:18

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Media, Political Correctness, Censorship…

What is common between the media scandal about Batak, Danish caricatures of Mohammad and Armenian genocide will be discussed on June 1, 2007, 7 p.m. at the Red House Center for Culture and Debate - 15, Ljuben Karavelov St., Sofia

Part one: “Pros” and “Cons” in civic opinion on the so called research project “The Myth of Batak”

Part two: Historians’ opinions on the matter

Part three: The European context – symptom of what seems to be “The Batak Case”?

One research in the art sphere was turned into occasion of vicious clash between historians, political reactions and threats against the authors of the project. The debate aims at questioning what we see in the media mirror as well as responding to what we are while standing up our publicly articulated attitudes – nationally-responsible, provisional, liberal, professionally or civically thinking people? Is “The Myth of Batak” scandal a mirror of traumatic complexes and pending battles or a proper occasion of defending national identity and proudly fighting for it?

Participants will be: Acc. Ivan Juchnovski, President of Bulgarian Academy of Science (BAS), Velislava Dareva, journalist, Evgenia Ivanova, New Bulgarian University, Prof. Ilia Todev, History Department, BAS, Ass. Prof. Roumen Daskalov, SU “St Kliment of Ohrid”, Ass. Prof. Petya Kabakchieva, SU “St Kliment of Ohrid”. Moderator: Deyan Kiuranov

Live streaming of the debate will be available through the site of Red House Center but the discussion will be held in Bulgarian language.



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