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posted by istanbul on 2008/06/30 17:43

It is a small revolution: Die österreichisch-ungarische Monarchie in Wort und Bild (1886-1892, in 24 Vols.), that monumental fin-de-siecle publication project by the Habsburgs Crown Prince Rudolph (hence commonly "Kronprinzenwerk") has been scanned - at least most of its volumes - by the University of Toronto at Robarts, and is made available to us via Each volume is available in colour (hardly worth the larger file) or black and white, and "weighs" 40-70 MBs. As a small service to the readers of this blog, I am here directly linking the volumes of relevance to SEE (unfortunately, only provides the number of the volume, not the area, and there are various numerations of these volumes in circulation, whereby downloading this all is a bit of a guessing game): Bosnia (Vol. 14), Croatia-Slavonia (24), Bucovina (13), Transylvania (23, "Southeast Hungary"), the Littoral (16, = Trieste/Gorizia/Istria), and Vojvodina (18, "South Hungary"). Reading this in the quiet of my home, I realize how much can still be written and analyzed about this series. If only the Dalmatia volume was there as well....


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Dalmatia (Vol. 11) and the Overview about History (Vol. 3) will be scanned hopefully...

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