Lecture "Attentive Technology Today" in the Red House - Center for Culture and Debate in Sofia

posted by ka:kanev on 2008/01/29 15:08

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A lecture by Dr Stavri Nikolov - Director and Head of Research - Attentive Displays Ltd, UK, 29.01.2008, 19.00

Part of The Red House’s Digital Spaces programme (www.digitalspaces.info).

Today the programme Digital Spaces continues in the Red House in Sofia with the lecture "Attentive Technology Today", by Dr Stavri Nikolov, the Founder of Attentive Displays Ltd (www.attentivedisplays.com) and its Managing Director and Head of Research. Dr Nikolov is also a Research Fellow in Image Processing at the University of Bristol, UK.

Attentive Displays are (software and hardware) display systems that monitor, sense and process viewer attention and behaviour with the purpose of dynamically modifying and tuning the information content they present to the cognitive resources of the viewer and his needs, and allowing real-time interaction with this content. To achieve this, attentive displays typically sense non-verbal cues such as presence, proximity, body orientation, gestures and eye gaze of the viewer. In particular, eye fixations have been shown to correlate well with the locus of attention. In this lecture different attentive user interfaces and devices that have been developed in recent years will be presented, including: attentive robots; attentive toys, attentive agents, attentive billboards, attentive walls, attentive videoconferencing, attentive art, etc. Attentive displays are also related to ambient displays which present information within a space through subtle changes in light, sound, and movement, and where this information is processed in the background of awareness.


More on the Digital Spaces programme you can find on their website.




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