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posted by Angela Eder on 2006/02/17 01:34

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Projects of the IETM for 2006
The IETM, a partner of the European Off Networks, currently enters a new phase of research and reflection which will also define the activities of the working year 2006. During the annual plenary meeting at Utrecht, the IETM presented therefore its overall aims for 2006:

1. Focusing on new tendencies on artistic, social and political levels, responding to, but also challenging the members of the IETM an others in the arts sector.
  • Prioritizing interdisciplinary artistic work, emering artists and new, digital applications;

  • Prioritizing intercultural artistic work, which responds to social changes and issues;

  • examining the political and policy context in which art is made.

2. Strengthening the contemporary arts sector.
  • Encouraging, facilitating professional mobility in the contemporary performing arts field and related sectors;

  • researching challenging arts practices and presenting case studies in the conferences and publications of the IETM (bench-marking);

  • organizing skills training and know-how exchange during all of the activities of the IETM;
    investigating new arguments for the arts linked to new arts practices.

3. Consolidating ist international activities in order to ensure their sustainability.
  • Continuing to serve as an active member of boards;

  • specializing on representation of the sector for the issues ot networking and mobility;

  • continuing to study and write recommendation papers on behalf of the sector to foundations and public funders;

4. Continuing its significant presence in international fora, conferences, policy debates and think tanks.
  • (Re-)conceiving each geographical project according to the "logical framework" evaluation method;

  • instigating partnership with key foundations who share the geographical priorities of the IETM;

  • ensuring strong local partners who can assure continuity of projects as and when the IETM reduces its support.

5. Evaluating the restructure of IETM, taking into account changes in the environment of the network and creating a sound basis for the next 3 year plan, including a method for continuous monitoring and evaluation.
  • Implement the 3rd step and the 3 part evaluation plan formulated in 2005: a year-long project to create an evaluation and monitoring methodology, together with experienced researchers, to test it, to implement it, and to report the results.

  • At the end of 2006 the IETM will start to work with the memebers of the board to draft a 3 year plan for 2007 to 2009.

Mary Ann DeVlieg, coordinator
Milica Ilic, administrator
Katelijn Verstraete, cmmunication, information & training
Michel Quéré, projects
19 Square Sainctelette
1000 Brussels
Tel.: +32 / 2 201 09 15
Fax: +32 / 2 203 02 26



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