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Anlässlich der 100. Ausgabe des Theaterjournals "Maska" wird von 20. bis 24. September 2006 in Llubljana, Slowenien, das Fest Maska 001 gefeiert.
Maska, a journal for performing arts, published by the Maska institute in Ljubljana (a publishing, cultural and production house for contemporary performing arts), is celebrating the 100th issue with a series of events, which will take place under the title of Maska 001 from the 20th to the 24th of September at various locations in Ljubljana.
Maska 001 is a series of events: exhibitions, performances, artistic interventions, installations, publications, panels and discussions on historicizing the arts.


1. Pupilija, daddy Pupilo and little Pupilcheks – reconstruction, a dance and theatre performance.
20., 23. and 24. 9. 2006, Stara elektrarna, Ljubljana
A reconstruction of the performance Pupilija, daddy Pupilo and little Pupilcheks, which premiered on 28.10. 1969
Pupilija, papa Pupilo pa pupilčki was the iconic event of the Slovene theatric neoavantgarde and one of the most influential experimental performing arts pieces thereof. It constitutes of 20 music-video length scenes, laid out in a collage. The performance is full of experimental and rebellious spirit. The reconstruction of the original focuses on radical artistic acts in that it transits between real and historic time.
Director /reconstructor: Emil Hrvatin
Contact: Barbara Hribar (

2. Baptism under Triglav - A digital projection.
21. 9. 2006, Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana.
A digital reconstruction of the performance Baptism under Triglav by the Theatre of the Sisters of Scipion Nasice, which premiered on 6. 2. 1986
Theatre of the Sisters of Scipion Nasice is one of the cofounders of NSK, the Slovene retrograde movement Neue Slowenische Kunst, along with Laibach (music), Irwin (fine arts) and Novi kolektivizem (design) The aesthetics (connected to the historic avant-gardes of the beginning of the 20th century), iconography (connected with Slovene mythology, tradition and art) and fragmentation into self-sufficient scenes, built from art-history quotes made the performance Baptism under Triglav cause a series of debates and controversial interpretations and become one of the most influential performances in the history of Slovene theatre. It built a new theatre language based on the visual, the kinetic and the audial.
Curator: Emil Hrvatin
Authors: Meta Grgurevič, Jure Novak
Contact: Barbara Hribar (

3. Mapping & Archiving & Analyzing the Defunct Spaces of Art
Exhibiton. 22. 9. 2006, Moderna galerija, Ljubljana
In the last 40 years, a large number of spaces that were permanent or temporary locations for artistic creation and presentation have disappeared from the map of Ljubljana. We are making an interactive map of deleted arts spaces, available on the web and presented in Moderna galerija.
Curator: Bojana Piškur
Contact: Bojana Piškur (

4. 2023+ - Artists’ projects for 2023 and the 2000+ collection
Exhibition. 22. 9. 2006, Moderna galerija, Ljubljana
We are exhibiting works and suggestions by artists, as will have been created by 2023 (the year in which, extrapolated from the publishing dynamics so far, the 200th issue of Maska magazine will be published). We invited the artists discussed in Maska between 2000 and 2005 to prepare a project for 2023. The suggestions will be exhibited along chosen works from the international collection 2000+ by Moderna galerija. Exhibiting are: Marina Abramović, Matthew Barney, Dara Birnbaum, Trisha Brown, Tim Etchells, Jan Fabre, Jan Lauwers, Christoph Marthaler, Olaf Nicolai, Jan Ritsema, Igor tromajer and others.
Authors: Zdenka Badovinac, Emil Hrvatin
Contact: Elise von Bernstorff (

Accompanying events

1. Contemporary Slovene performing arts – an anthology

The Contemporary Slovene performing arts anthology brings original studies by local and foreign authors about Slovene performing arts and is the first exhaustive study of this field in fifteen years.
Editors: Bojana Kunst, Petra Pogorevc
Contact: Petra Pogorevc (

2. Historicizing contemporary arts

Symposium. 23. and 24. 9. 2006, Moderna galerija, Ljubljana

Two panels on the subject of historicizing contemporary arts. The first – A time to size up: historicizing art – will discuss basic theoretic problems in historicizing the contemporary; while the second – The long march through institutions or New institutions – will discuss artistic strategies in Slovene art in the nineteen sixties and eighties.
Concept: Aldo Milohnić, Zdenka Badovinac, Bojana Kunst, Lev Kreft
Contact: Adela eleznik (,
Andreja Kopač (

3. Srečno, Scena! (Good luck, scene!)

Every 6th in the month from February to September 2006 at 8.00 p.m. CET
Recordings of key Slovene performances at As part of a joint low-fi project SREČNO, SCENA!, as prepared by TV Intima and Maska: on the sixth of every month we showcase condensed excerpts from key contemporary performing arts projects in Slovenia, that have left their mark on recent times and thereby on the now.
Editor: Igor tromajer
Selection: Igor tromajer, Emil Hrvatin, Bojana Kunst
Contact: Igor tromajer (

Maska 001 is produced by Maska in collaboration with Moderna galerija, Cankarjev dom, Stara elektrarna, Festival Ex-ponto and financially supported by Minisitry of Culture of Slovenia and Municipality of Ljubljana.
Artistic director: Emil Hrvatin (
Coordination: Maja Megla (, Andreja Kopač (



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