Ursula Reber

Dr. Ursula Reber has been an academic guest of the Wirth Institute in 2003-05. She was running the internet platfrom Kakanien revisited and writing her PhD Slurring Images. Towards a Theory of Metamorphosis (Fink 2009) based at the University of Vienna. Apart from that she gave a Talk on Digital Imagined Europe at the Graduate Conference From Pen to Application at the U of A in 2004, and a few lectures on Classic literature in Comparative Literature.

Currently she is teaching German at the IKI Vienna and preparing a research project on the Cultural Technique Interview (together with Marc Ries). Further she is preparing a monography on Adiaphoric Spaces.

She was a founding member of Kakanien revisited and is the editor in charge since 2007. She was a member of diverse didactic, editing, and research projects between 1995 and 2007.

Her research interests are in Phantastische Literatur, Science Fiction, Postcolonial Studies, Visual Studies, and Geophilosophy.

Contact: usha.reber@kakanien.ac.at

Main publications:

  • Adiáphora – Dritter oder Vierter Raum? In: Babka, Anna / Müller-Funk, Wolfgang / Wagner, Birgit (Eds.): Homi Bhabhas Dritter Raum. Theoretische Positionen [t.b.p. 2010]
  • Vielheit in der Vielheit: Philologisches und Kulturologisches in der (turkologischen) Manichäismusforschung. In: Kelemen, Pál / Ábel, Tamas (Eds.): Philologie [t.b.p. 2010]
  • Raumkonstruktionen von Kultur, Krieg und Phantasma. Montenegro | Österreich-Ungarn. In: Fischer, Wladimir / Heindl, Waltraud / Millner, Alexandra / Müller-Funk, Wolfgang (Eds.): Räume und Grenzen in Österreich-Ungarn 1867-1918. Tübingen: Francke 2010, pp. 307-350
  • Formenverschleifung. Zu einer Theorie der Metamorphose. Paderborn: Fink 2009
  • Postkolonialismus zwischen Border-Gnosis und Institutionalisierung. In: Harrasser, Karin / Riedmann, Sylvia / Scott, Alan (Eds.): Politik der Cultural Studies. Wien: Turia + Kant 2007
  • together with Endre Hárs, Wolfgang Müller-Funk, and Clemens Ruthner: Zentren und Peripherien im Habsburgerreich. Tübingen et al.: Francke 2006
  • together with Markus May and Clemens Ruthner: Nach Todorov. Texte zur Theorie der Phantastik. Tübingen et al.: Francke 2006




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